Antoine "Waffles" Delacroix

Superstitious thief.


Grifter: D4
Hacker: D6
Hitter: D8
Mastermind: D6
Thief: D10

Agility: D10
Alertness: D10
Strength: D6
Intelligence: D6
Vitality: D8
Willpower: D8

Distinctions: Paranoid, Short-tempered, Always The Comedian

Specialities: Mean Right Hook (Hitter), Acrobat (Thief)


Signature Asset: Ghostcloak (D8), prototype cloak to be worn over combat armor by troops. Reduces thermal and electromagnetic signature of user. Does not alter visible light.


Born as Antoine Delacroix in Belgium, but more commonly known as “Waffles” or sometimes “Brusselsprouts”. Antoine hails from a prestigious family that runs one of the larget corporations in the world, he quickly became the black sheep of the family, prefering to do his own thing compared to toeing the company line.

A few scandals and issues with the police led to his family pulling support from him, leaving him to the consequences. He served a 5 year stint in prison, quickly learning to get by on his sleight of hand and agility compared to brute force.

After prison, his family reconciled with him somewhat, returning his trustfund, but removing him from the company hierarchy. Antoine grew bored, eventually turning to thievery, going from heist to heist, ever increasing in danger and difficulty to combat his boredom.

Over the course of his criminal career, he has becoming increasingly superstitious, often attributing the missions failure or success on random occurrences. For example, Antoine, eats waffles for breakfast everyday, out of habit and superstition, the one day he didn’t, he was arrested and imprisoned.

Antoine "Waffles" Delacroix

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