Nichola "Niko" Lau


Grifter d4, Hacker d8, Hitter d10, Mastermind d6, Thief d6

Agility d6, Alertness d8, Intelligence d10, Strength d10, Vitality d8, Willpower d6

Distinctions: Anarchist, No witnesses,

Talents: I can kill you with my mind, Jenny-on-the-spot

Signature Assets: Instruments of Destruction (tactical baton, pistols, explosives)


“Niko” – Hitter / Hacker

Born Nichola Lau; daughter to a Evenlyn Lau, bio-engineer at Yum Yum Foods and, Christie Parks, a yoga instructor. Went to the best private schools on the artificial moon Titan 3 off of Mars. They were a company family through and through until her mother’s research was stolen by a rival researcher. Her work was stolen and sold to a rival company and the Lau’s took the blame and Evelyn fled off planet, abandoning her partner and clone daughter. With Evelyn gone the Yum Yum corporate runners turned their focus elsewhere. Christie and Niko eked out a life in the Core.

Niko’s choices were limited in the Core. She chose to act out, working her way up from petty-theft and vandalism to greater acts of anarchy. Her latest and greatest act of anarchy came after having reprogrammed the Wendolin’s Fast Food mascot to go on a rampage which caused a riot to break out.

Since then she has been receiving messages from a mysterious benefactor over Her last job got her enough money to get herself out of Titan Core and into the life of a runner.

Nichola "Niko" Lau

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