Loreen "Schrodinger" Mace

Reclusive, antisocial mastermind.


Tunnel Rat
Stick to the Plan

Agility D8
Alertness D8
Intelligence D10
Strength D6
Vitality D8
Willpower D8

Grifter D8
Hacker D6
Hitter D4
Mastermind D10
Thief D4

Signature Asset:
Stealth Ship – The Duchess

Space Vessels

Sea of Calm add mastermind die to next crew roll after a failed roll
Hawkeye add d8 to Notice roll, or d10 with a plot point


Loreen grew up on Mining Colony Gamma, one of the first mining stations to be constructed in the asteroid belt. It was built piecemeal over several decades in orbit around the dwarf planet of Ceres. Ship upon ship and station upon station were towed out to Gamma and fused to the hull, eventually creating the massive superstructure that exists today, housing hundreds of thousands of miners and their families.

Though still habitable, several sections of the station were lost to time, and were reclaimed by the less fortunate inhabitants, of which Loreen was one. As a child, she survived as many others in her sections did, by scavenging what they could and stealing what they couldn’t.

Loreen had a talent for not only reading and manipulating people, but seeing possible patterns and outcomes from any action that she could take. A loose conduit here, and an opportunity for theft is created. A favor here, and a man loses his job. A man loses his job, and an entire section of the station is vented. Needless to say, she was utterly uncompromising in creating and manipulating situations to further her own ends, which ultimately resulted in her escaping her life of poverty on Gamma.

Loreen "Schrodinger" Mace

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